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Financing For Hawken Dealers

Hawken Energy has partnered with Lease Corporation of America to offer a customer-friendly financing program for its products. LCA offers an easy to use leasing option which includes a simple one page credit application, credit turnaround in less than four hours and personalized service for any questions you may have about financing.

To learn more about how leasing can benefit you, ask your Hawken Energy sales representative or call your dedicated LCA Account Executive, Gary Greenspan at (248) 743-5175 or by email .

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Benefits of leasing:

  • Fixed Payments: Unlike loans and credit cards, your lease payment will not vary with interest rate changes
  • Affordable: You can fit the cost into your budget instead of a large upfront cash payment. We require first & last payments in advance. Loans usually mandate a 20% down payment
  • Return on Investment (ROI): By leasing equipment, you get the tools you need now and can put them to work earning you money while you pay affordable monthly payments
  • Preserved Credit Lines: Your monthly lease payment does not affect your bank or credit lines. Most financial institutions will reduce your existing available lines with every purchase via credit card or loan
  • Flexible Programs: Your LCA Account Executive can design a specialized lease program to fit your needs – step program, zero percent interest or even a deferred option with no payments for up to 90 days

Benefits of using LCA:

  • Competitive lease rates
  • 2-4 hour credit turnaround time
  • LCA will prepare all lease documents
  • Standard and specialized lease programs including LCA’s 12-Month 0% Interest
  • Knowledgeable and prompt service from your dedicated LCA Account Executive

Leasing Options:

  • 12-to 60-month lease programs
  • Purchase options include - Fair Market Value, $1 Buyout and 10% Buyout
  • Specialized lease programs are available through LCA. These include flexible options such as deferred payments with zero down, flexible step programs and seasonal programs. Call LCA for more information

The Lease Process:

  1. Visit the lender's website and fill out the credit application
  2. A representative from LCA will contact you if they need additional information
  3. LCA renders a credit decision within 4 hours of receiving
  4. If approved, customer signs all lease documentation and sends originals to LCA
  5. Equipment is shipped and verified by LCA