Configure Your Hawkeneer Furnace

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Standard Color

  • Green Green (included)

Furnace Size

Select a 12-hr. BTU output high enough to cover all of your heating requirements on your coldest days.

  • Small Building Model: GX Series - 43,000 12-hr. BTU (avg. output if filled 2x/day)
  • One Building Model: HE Series - 75,000 12-hr. BTU (avg. output if filled 2x/day)
  • Two Building Model: HE Series - 120,000 12-hr. BTU (avg. output if filled 2x/day)
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A GX Series furnace is designed to maximize efficiency and minimize the amount of fuel used. We use the 12-hour BTU output as our primary metric because you should never have to fill your furnace more than twice per day. Your dealer can help you select the unit that best meets your specific needs based on the number of buildings you would like to heat, whether you will be heating domestic hot water, and whether you wish to heat a secondary building, pool, or hot tub.

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Technical Details

  • Heat Output
  • Max BTU Output Rating 144,000
  • 8-hr. BTU Output Rating 76,000
  • 12-hr. BTU Output Rating 43,000
  • Size and Dimmensions
  • Furnace Dim. (ft) 6.7' H x 3.8' W x 6.8' L
  • Footprint (ft) 3.5' W x 5.8' L
  • Firebox Dim. (ft) 1.9' H x 1.9' W x 2.7' D
  • Firebox Volume 9.8 ft3
  • Door Opening (ft) 1.5' H x 1.5' W
  • Water Jacket Capacity 107 gal
  • Dry Weight 2,100 lbs

Included Options

AddHawkTM Options

Upgrade Your Service Plan

Basic Service includes a special start-up visit at the time the furnace is installed as well as online and phone support. Hawkeye Premium Service includes basic service plus a start-up and shut-down visit each year.

  • No Service [included]
  • 2 years of Hawkeye Premium Service [$750]
  • 3 years of Hawkeye Premium Service [$1250]
  • 5 years of Hawkeye Premium Service [$2000]
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As with any investment, you'll want to take excellent care of your Hawken Furnace. Hawkeye Premium Service is designed to give you convenience, comfort, and peace of mind as you warm your way through the winter. We can't always be there to fill your furnace with fuel or to clean out the ash, but we'll do just about everything else and we'll walk you through everything you'll need to do keep your furnace running for years to come.

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Add Tomahawk Wood DeliveryTM

Tomahawk Wood Delivery service is deisgned to get you started with fuel if you do not already have a source of wood for your furnace. Buying wood years in advance can help season the wood for better furnace performance.

  • No Wood Delivery [included]
  • $120 Tomahawk Wood Delivery [$120]
  • $600 Tomahawk Wood Delivery [$600]
  • $1,800 Tomahawk Wood Delivery [$1800]
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Whether you just need some help getting started, or you'd like the convenience of delivery for several years, we've got you covered. Work with your dealer to coordinate wood types, delivery schedules, and credit towards wood delivery in your area.

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Extend Your Warranty

Hawkeneer includes a 10 year limited warranty.

Add an extended warranty:

  • Hawken Armor limited warranty [included]
  • 5 year extended warranty [$999]
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Your Hawken Furnace will come with a great limited warranty that includes a warranty on the firebox itself. You can extend your warranty for even greater assurance that your Hawken Furnace will last and last. Check your owners manual for details on how to get the most from your Hawken Furnace.

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This planet came with a set of instructions, but we seem to have misplaced them... Oh, here they are.

Owner's Manual
Hawkeneer 10
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